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Membership dues are $35/year. To become a member, just show up at a meeting and talk with Kate, or download the PDF membership application and mail it with your check to CoMUG.

Membership Benefits
With a CoMUG membership, you will:
  • Receive e-mail meeting announcements.
  • Be able to participate in various e-mail discussion forums, including the very beneficial "Help Desk." Most members consider the value of these forums to be many times the annual membership cost.
  • Receive e-mail notice of special discounts on software and hardware.
  • Gain access to Apple User Group Resources. User name and password info is periodically e-mailed to CoMUG members.
  • Be able to participate in steering committee meetings to determine meeting content and the future of CoMUG.
  • Be able to add a link to your personal or business Web site on the CoMUG Web site.


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