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2009 Holiday Gift Guide
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1   Link   Epson's PictureMate Charm ($150)
If you're "going home" for the holidays, you can make a big splash by bringing along a portable snapshot printer, such as Epson's PictureMate Charm ($150). This new printer makes 4x6-inch prints of photo-lab quality! Accepts all common memory cards.
2   Link   MyBook Collection kit ($5.99)
Holiday time brings opportunities to take photos at events and give photo books to those who attended. One easy way to assemble a book is the MyBook Collection kit, from the same folks who make the Unibind presentation kits.
3   Link   Acratech's Viewing Angle Gauge ($15)
If you use a laptop, or an external flat panel display, you know that "viewing angle" makes a big difference in the color, brightness, and contrast you experience. To be sure you're viewing your display at a true 90-degree angle, try it.
4   Link   Elgato's EyeTV 250 Plus Digital/Analog TV Receiver & Video Converter ($165)
Turn your Mac into a TV and time-shifting digital video recorder. Watch recordings on your Apple TV in another room. Convert analog videotapes into digital. Export videos to your iPhone or iPod. Burn videos to DVD.
5   Link   Epson's Workforce 610 Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer ($130)
This printer has every imagineable feature for a printer/scanner/copier/fax machine. It sends and receives faxes, with a 30-page automatic document feeder, speed dial storage for up to 60 numbers, and fax memory for up to 180 pages and more.
6   Link   Seagate FreeAgent 2.5-inch external hard drive ($60/250GB; $109/500B)
Install the shareware Carbon Copy Cloner software, and set to automatically back up your internal drive to this tiny, sexy drive every time you connect it, or every night. A perfect daily clone of your drive, with no effort and little cost!
7   Link   Wacom's Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet ($99)
Offers pen and Multi-Touch input in a single device, just like a trackpad. Geared to users seeking input device for office or home that allows them to navigate with their fingers or cordless pen. Users can alternate between the two input methods.
8   Link   Lightscoop ($30)
A mirror attachment that slides onto the flash unit of your SLR camera to reflects the light onto either the ceiling or a light-colored wall, to illuminate your subject with diffuse, even light. Use code LESA at checkout for 25% off!
9   Link   Apple's Magic Mouse ($69)
Truly, a better mouse. Its top surface works like a MacBook's multitouch trackpad, giving you two-finger 360-degree scrolling, page swiping and zooming. It's wireless at up to 33 feet, with laser tracking and one or two-button operation for righties.
10   Link   NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800/400/USB 2.0/eSATA SATA I/II Hard Drive Dock ($95)
As projects get big, don't waste money on disk drive enclosures -- this toaster-like "drive dock" lets you drop any bare drive into it and then work until it's time to put the drive back in the client vault for protection.
11   Link   Belkin FireWire hub F5U526-APL ($40)
Tiny, powered, better than daisy-chaining FireWire devices.
12   Link   Keynamics' Aviator ($20)
This stand revolutionizes the experience of using a laptop on a plane or in a hotel room.
13   Link   Fonts from www.FontSite.com ($10–$17)
An incredible bargain for professional fonts.
14   Link   Sanyo's Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries ($10–$35)
A major advance in rechargeable batteries. Lasts 4 times longer than alkalines in a digital camera and works better at lower temperatures than alkaline. Cost per charge = 6 cents. No 'memory effect' — recharge anytime. Arrives charged.

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