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Selling, Donating, or Recycling Old Gear

Once you've finished using an older Mac, or other office equipment, there are many ways to put it to further use. Please consider donating your old or unused equipment to a local, or other, charity or community group. What you may no longer find useful could make a huge difference to someone else.

Above all, please do not throw old or used electronics items in the trash. Most of these items contain really toxic materials that can be recycled or should be properly disposed of. Let's keep as much toxic waste out of our landfills as possible.

If you'd rather try to sell your equipment, here are some options:
  • If you're a CoMUG member, post an ad on the "Classifieds" e-mail forum.
  • Place a newspaper ad. A few Boulder-specific suggestions: The Daily Camera, Colorado Daily, FreeAdz.
  • Computer Renaissance, 2525 Arapahoe, (303) 938-4034.
  • Mac Shack, 1301 Pennsylvania St. (@ Broadway), (303) 443-2899.

Donation, Recycling, and other links follow.

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1   Link   Boulder Community Network
List of local community/non-profit groups and agencies that accept donations of computers and other equipment.
2   Link   National Christina Foundation
The National Cristina Foundation directs donations of used computer equipment to non profit organizations, schools, and public agencies throughout the United States. Complete PowerMac, and newer, systems are accepted.
3   Link   Eco-Cycle Boulder
Take your "hard-to-recycle" items to Eco-Cycle in Boulder to properly dispose of them. Items accepted include: computers, displays, TVs, printers, FAX machines, telephones, and printer cartridges.
4   Link   Apple Recycling Program
Apple Computer's "take-back" customer recycling program.
5   Link   The Colorado Materials Exchange
University of Colorado sponsored program. Links to organizations, agencies, best practices for disposing of computers and elec tronics, precautionary information, computer recyclers, computer retailers, donation recipients, etc.
6   Link   Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
The most comprehensive site on high-tech impacts on community, worker, and environmental health.

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